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Schedule Fusion

Developed by Venture Industries Online, Schedule Fusion is a resource management app designed to help business avoid conflicts and maximize resources.

As a SaaS based platform, the sales site needed to include a comprehensive e-commerce component allowing new users to subscribe and manage their account services from a single user portal. Monthly recurring billing is entirely automated and provides users with added payment flexibility without placing any additional administrative strain on the provider.

We had a lot of fun with this design and since it services one of our own products, we decided to incorporate as much fun into the feature tour and usage examples as possible. The end results are as much of a visual treat for site users as it is informative.

Website Highlights

  • E-commerce automation galore! Everything from account creation, to monthly billing is handled without site admins having to lift a finger!
  • A functional minimalistic approach produced a pair of intuitive user tours; one for product features and one for usage examples across multiple industries.
  • Animated transitions between sections of content on longer pages helps keep users engaged and reading!
  • Minimalistic logo designed in-house by Venture’s graphic designer.
  • A special sticky vertical nav menu on the features tour and usage examples pages makes it easy for site visitors to navigate between sections over a long page.
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