Lynn Harrell

web design | e-commerce | online education portal | lead generation

With a lifetime of one world-renowned event and project after another, it was a real treat to begin working on Lynn’s website; Of particular interest to the client was starting a personal blog and creating a place to begin hosting his growing number of YouTube hosted videos.

As the artist maintains a separate presence at his representation’s website, there was less need to include the wealth of press and media content typically found at an artist’s website, which let us focus more on blog design and content creation.

Website Highlights

  • Built on top of responsive framework in order to make sure videos and log content displayed properly on mobile platforms .
  • Created an extensive video portfolio that allows visitors to filter video gallery content based on the type of event (solos, interviews, chamber music, full orchestra, etc.).
  • Site performance was a priority so video portfolio filters are applied in real-time thereby eliminating the need for pages to reload.
  • Interactive functionality for each individual video page where visitors can leave comments and ask questions.
  • Hosted video functionality for special videos that exceed YouTube length limitations as well as content the artist does not wish to be shared.
  • Additional services include editorial support for blog content and comment management along with year-round site management.
  • Social sharing capability throughout the entire site.


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