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Venture user Town Hall Seattle needed a dedicated micro-site for an extended capital campaign project. Branded Love this Town, it is a community-wide effort to renew Town Hall and restore the iconic building they call home.

Working closely with Town Hall’s capital campaign firm design team, Venture is building out the site over the course of several weeks, releasing new features and content over the campaign’s introduction timeline. Phase I in the design cycle presents a dynamic email signup form and a donation page featuring Venture’s Single Page Checkout add-on for improved user experience and higher conversion.

Phase II, launched in April, 2016, expands on the single page design by introducing several new pages and a new dynamic sticky navigation menu, which gently slides in from the top of the screen on desktop and laptop devices when the user scrolls down the page. We also included a scroll up sticky bar on the bottom of the page which holds each page’s respective social share buttons.

One of the more unique features is a proprietary function to display an always-growing list of endorser and supporters. Pull names from a remove Google Spredsheet, Town Hall Seattle can indicate one of multiple classifications, which in turn impacts the endorser name styling on the front end. Frontend lists can be set to specific names, which are randomly selected and refreshed on page load to the full mega-list, all with simple to use shortcodes.

It’s an elegant fire and forget solution that solves an ongoing problem with supporter recognition!

Website Highlights

  • Beautiful full-width design with bold images.
  • A single page donation process, right down to the checkout, maximizes conversion while providing enhanced giving options such as employer matching.
  • A remarkably useful and easy to update custom feature in the form of an Endorser display list.
  • Phase II work incorporates numerous animation elements and transition effects that are as much of a delight to use as they are to see.
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