John W. Engeman Theater

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The John W. Engeman Theater at Northport is Long Island’s only year-round professional theater company, casting its actors directly from the Broadway talent pool. Featuring stadium-style seating, state-of-the-art lighting and sound, and their exclusive Green Room Lounge.

Their new Venture powered website matches the their commitment to on-stage technology with a state of the art solution to showcase their variety of mainstage shows, special events, and a wide assortment of education programs, classes, and children’s theater productions. Thanks to Venture’s Mega Menu add-on, they are able to appropriately promote and compartmentalize productions throughout their current season alongside future season previews.

In addition to the mega menu add-on, the Engeman Theater makes good use of Venture’s portfolio post types to create dedicated cast portfolios that can be reused when needed for members that appear in multiple productions. And the user defined categorization feature makes organization cast portfolios a breeze regardless if there are five or fifty performers.

Website Highlights

  • Mega menu utilizes iconography to aid in user navigation and numerous playbills to highlight mainstage productions.
  • Internal pages feature full width layouts with liberal use of vertical tabs.
  • Extra Smartphone savvy by using large, finger friendly contact points throughout the entire design.
  • Custom designed homepage sliders make good use of existing print promotional material.
  • A tight, clean homepage layout that uses Venture’s Features post type to highlight current and upcoming offerings.


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