Hoyt Art Center

web design | e-commerce | custom programming | class registration | membership management


The Hoyt Art Center maxed out the limits of their previous platform and needed to redesign their extensive adult and youth class registration process. Previously, it took no less than clicking through four pages for users to register for a class and if payments were involved, they could tack one or two more pages onto the process.

Their solution involved embedding most registration forms directly into class description pages with a same-page checkout experience. That means Hoyt can send patrons directly to those pages from email and social campaigns then allow them to register and pay all from the same page. For classes that require more complex registration forms, we created a custom post type to hold the form and custom confirmation pages, all of which make it easier for Hoyt to track conversion.

One of Hoyt’s existing pain points was maintaining the current, upcoming, and archive of exhibitions. Venture’s Event Manager completely automates the archiving process and moves upcoming exhibitions into current status based on the respective date. All Hoyt needs to do moving forward is enter the exhibition information, set the start, end, and special event dates and Venture handles the rest.

Website Highlights

  • A strong material design approach makes it easy for site visitors to visually distinguish between the array of class and event offerings.
  • Registration forms were designed to handle both free and paid events with the latter featuring embedded credit card payment forms.
  • Take note of the Hoyt “red dot” used in their logo. We incorporated it into their headers as a pseudo-element following the text. In English, that’s a fancy bit of CSS that inserts a special character after the text with whatever styling you want to apply.
  • Dedicated adult education classes.
  • Membership sales are built with an eye toward future automation where the system will handle renewal notifications and member discounts are automatically applied.
  • Loads of beautiful images used throughout the home page and most interior static pages.
  • WCAG compliant color contrast.
  • Sticky navigation makes it easy for patrons to navigate and purchase tickets across all device types.


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