Azica Records

web design | e-commerce

Azica takes a fresh look at defining musical excellence in classical and jazz compact discs. Driven by an unswerving desire for accuracy in every detail, Azica cross-fertilizes traditional classical and jazz recording techniques to mold a distinctive, new profile that heightens honesty and integrity in the finished product. Azica truly captures an aural snapshot of the performance, and invites the listener to take a discerning look.

This is another one of Venture’s growing users that steps outside the parameter of a traditional performing arts organization or individual artist in that they are a commercial enterprise intimately intertwined with the field of performing arts. consequently, Venture’s knowledge and experience in the field makes it that much easier to communicate and produce a site that maximizes exposure.

Azica is also special in that it is one of Venture’s most intense e-commerce users; with a catalog of nearly 150 classical and jazz albums entered into the system already, they’ll be able to keep adding content without placing undue load on the server. Dynamic shipping options handle orders going out to just about anywhere on the globe and integrating PayPal Advanced keeps patrons on the site throughout the entire purchase process.

Website Highlights

  • Percentage based shipping options prevent expense overruns to international shipping destinations.
  • Catalog indices by category and artist make it easy for visitors to find what they want.
  • Extensive album information promotes conversion.
  • Sortable catalog index allows users to shift from grid to list style layouts.
  • The integrated e-commerce indexing creates a wonderfully interactive user experience that is simple to navigate.



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