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Amarillo Symphony

The Amarillo Symphony was founded in 1924 as a 12-piece ensemble led by Miss Grace Hamilton. The ensemble quickly grew from a small volunteer organization to a symphony of 56 musicians. By the end of the 1940s, the symphony suffered financial hardship. New music director A. Clyde Roller and violinist Eddie Melin stepped forward to work with president Lee Bivins to devise a plan to eliminate the deficit and improve the orchestra.

The orchestra needed an upgrade to their web presence that made content management easier and improved overall frontend user experience.

Like most users, maintaining a strict project budget was crucial and we had a tight development schedule. In addition to the orchestra content, the organization needed to include a large amount of content related to their youth ensemble programs, which included downloadable member material and a host of application forms.

In the end, the site serves as an excellent example of what can be accomplished using 100% standard features and design tools.

Website Highlights

  • A genuine mobile-first design allowed the organization to migrate from slider to a more efficient conversion centric hero layout. It also creates an unparalleled mobile experience with large, tap friendly action items.
  • Big, bold typography scales elegantly from large high resolution desktops down to the smallest of Smartphone screens.
  • A terrific use of Venture Event Manager’s event lists and modules provide a wealth of current and upcoming event related content on the homepage.
  • The organization is now able to highlight guest artists and key musicians thanks to dedicated artist bio pages and grid displays.
  • Thanks to Venture’s Advanced Social Sharing add-on, they can create bespoke sharing messages and images for each page.
  • On desktop and laptop devices, a sophisticated slide up social share bar spans the full width of the page footer. The share bar includes social share buttons for respective page content along with direct links to institutional social media profiles and a newsletter subscription popup.
  • Venture’s Advanced Forms tool allowed the organization to consolidate all of the forms they had across multiple third party sites. It also let them take some of the longer youth ensemble registration forms and present them in a user friendly multi step process instead of one long, tedious looking form.
  • Venture designed color palette that improves online readability and draws from the organization’s home venue.
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