Advanced Product Tab Management

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Expand on Venture’s existing features and functionality with plug & play power upgrades! Just like everything else with Venture, we take care of installation, upgrades, and offer complete support!

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Tab Manager gives you complete control over your product page tabs, allowing you to easily create new tabs for products, share tabs among multiple products, reorder tabs using a visual drag-and-drop interface, and more. No more messing with filters, template files, or modifying your theme; you’ll be able to create custom tabs from the convenience of the admin dashboard.

What Can Tab Manager Do?

  • Reorder, rename, remove the core description/attributes/reviews tabs
  • Edit custom tabs for a product page using the rich text editor
  • Add any number of custom product tabs and order them
  • Create “global tabs” that can be added to multiple products
  • Automatic integration with most 3rd party plugin tabs
  • Create a “default tab layout” that can be applied to all products
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