Advanced e-Commerce Reports


One of Venture’s most dynamic Add-ons, Advanced e-Commerce reports provides an incredibly powerful reporting tool that allows you to import e-commerce data into third party customer relationship database solutions, accounting programs, or use for any number of internal reporting needs.

Product Description

Creating & Exporting Reports Is Easy

  1. Create one or more reporting categories. You can add/edit/delete categories at any time.
  2. Assign products to one or more reporting category; this can be done on a per-product basis or via bulk edit. Products can be added or removed from reporting categories at any time.
  3. Create a custom commerce report by selecting which reporting categories to include along with desired order export fields. There are more than 30 default fields to choose from and the system will automatically add any custom fields created using the Venture’s Product Add-on extension!
  4. Export reports via user defined date range.


  1. Create unlimited reporting categories by assigning products directly or in bulk.
  2. Export reports via any date range.
  3. Unlimited export capability; download one or one thousand reports!
  4. Allow departments to create unique custom reports and edit/delete at any time.
  5. Exports generated in CRM friendly .csv format.
  6. Easily create sales reports with charts and graphs in programs like Excel, Google Docs, or Numbers for Mac or any spreadsheet program that reads .csv format files.

The custom reporting add on has been a huge help in streamlining our reporting for multiple departments – from class attendees for education to product sales by category for the Museum Store. With this feature we’re able to get exactly the info each department needs, and none of the info they don’t.
-Rachel Carneglia
Online Marketing Coordinator
Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens


Q. What are the default export fields?
A. The existing fields include the following data:

  1. Order ID
  2. Order number
  3. Order date
  4. Order status
  5. Order date
  6. Order tax
  7. Order amount total
  8. Order notes
  9. Order discount
  10. Order Currency
  11. Product name
  12. Product quantity
  13. Product total
  14. Product SKU
  15. Product tax
  16. Variation data (for variable products only; i.e. LG, MD, SM)
  17. Payment detail (Card type/CC Last 4/CC Expiration/Transaction ID)
  18. Product Add-on data (user created fields via Product Add-on extension)
  19. Customer ID
  20. Billing name
  21. Billing company
  22. Billing contact info
  23. Shipping name
  24. Shipping company
  25. Shipping contact info
  26. Shipping Tax Total
  27. Shipping Amount Total
  28. Shipping method
  29. Cart discounts
  30. Order discounts
  31. Total Discounts
  32. Coupons
  33. Order notes

Q. Can we include additional order information?
A. Sure, we can customize the functionality to include a wide range of additional data from items like advanced forms and more. Let us know what you’re looking for and we can provide a quote for the custom programming.

Q. Can we use this in addition to CRM or accounting program reports?
A. Absolutely! In fact, Venture’s reporting tools are so powerful that users regularly use them to supplement or replace default reporting tools from third party CRM and accounting providers.

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